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Portrait Collection

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Includes all of my original colored pencil drawings, marker drawings, acrylic paintings, and pen sketches.

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Fine Art Prints

Includes all of my originals sold as

high-quality prints, featuring standard wall art sizes. 

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Includes my hand-drawn coloring pages, all available at the click of a button!

About the Artist

My name is Shannon Meis, and I'm the artist behind Shannon Brouk Art.

Many artists are able to find their "style," or at least, their preferred medium over the course of some introspective time. I, however, have still have not found a preferred style or medium. There are simply too many art materials out there to create with, and so I've given up trying to find "it." 


What makes my art different is that I use ALL SORTS of materials, and with those materials often come different subjects because, as corny as it sounds, each material speaks a different language to me. When I pick up a colored pencil, it's "photo-realism rendering" time. When I pick up a tube of acrylic paint, it's "let's get messy and abstract" time. When I pick up a thin black pen, it's "let's make a coloring book," and so on. 


In short - I LOVE getting messy with art materials and making something unique with my bare hands and "failing" in the process as I learn a new material. I LOVE color, texture, lines, learning, and above all, making people happy with the art I create. 


Thank you so much for visiting my website and being curious about my messy art journey! 

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Includes announcements and process images of new pieces I'm working on, new products coming soon, some of my tips and tricks with traditional materials (such as colored pencils, papers, pens, markers, acrylic paint, spray varnishes, and more), as well as personal stories of navigating the professional art world!

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Includes a selection of my recent Copic marker and pen drawings, as well as Copic Ink alcohol paintings. 

Since my employment with Too Corporation Americas began in 2019, I have produced over 150 drawings, 75 videos, and served as demonstration artist and teacher at numerous trade shows and events. I love my Copics!

Let's Stay in Touch!

Thank you for submitting and taking interest in my work!
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