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Care Instructions

Scroll below to find the type of art that you have purchased or are interested in purchasing for framing and care instructions. 


Original Alcohol Ink painting

Recommendations for framing and care:

  • Whatever the dimensions are of the alcohol ink painting (for example, 9 x 12 inches), consider the +2 rule for deciding on a frame size. That is, adding 2 inches to either side, meaning a 11 x 14 inch frame. 

  • For larger alcohol ink paintings, consider +4, for example, a 10 x 14 inch piece being placed in a 14 x 18 inch frame. 

  • Along with the frame, I recommend adding matting. This is the “buffer space” between the original painting and the frame, making it stand out even more and look professional and clean!

  • Recommendations for framing:

    • Hobby Lobby, Michael's, Blick, or a local framing supply company. ​

  • ALL of my original alcohol ink paintings have been treated with a UV-resistant clear varnish to help prevent any direct sunlight color distortions. 

  • However, I still recommend to hang the painting away from direct sunlight. Due to the chemical properties of alcohol ink, it is natural for colors to fade or distort over time if exposed to intense direct sunlight, even after being treated with a UV-resistant spray.

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