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Care Instructions


Here, you'll find the different creative services I provide for both businesses and/or individuals. 

Business Contract
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Business Contract

Working with businesses and brands to consult on creative marketing, execute a specific project(s),  instruct virtual and/or in-person classes, and so much more.


  • Experience: 9+ years working in the art materials industry

  • Background/education: Bachelor's in Fine Arts, Illustration from SCAD (Savannah College of Art & Design, 2018)

  • Clients: Copic, Holbein, Legion Paper, General Pencil, Luxury Brands of America

  • Hourly rate: $35/hour


  • A virtual meeting is set up to gather the general scope of work information and get to know each other on a more personal level.

  • Timelines and other necessary deadlines are also gathered during the first virtual meeting.

  • Contract is finalized by Shannon and is sent and signed by both parties.

  • Once signatures are gathered, the creative services commence. 

  • High quality work is complete and delivered via DropBox, Google Drive, ZIP file, flash drive, physically shipped, or however the contract detailed.

Event Contract

Event Contract

Working with individuals and small businesses to fill an in-person creative need. For example, a live illustrator at weddings or illustrating guests at a store boutique.


  • What I provide: custom illustrations drawn LIVE with traditional art materials (typically using markers and pens on paper).

  • What an event attendee receives: a custom illustration that is either signed or embossed and is placed in a plastic sleeve with a cardboard backing for protection.

  • Event time minimum: 2 hours

  • Event time maximum: 5 hours

  • Hourly rate: $75/hour​​


  • Send an inquiry email at and provide as many details about the event as you can.

  • If the date and time is available, we will connect via email and discuss the details of the event further.  

  • A contract is finalized by Shannon and is sent and signed by both parties, committing to the event and the services to be provided.

  • The event date arrives, and your guests receive an awesome hand-drawn, take-home-ready illustration!

  • DISCLAIMER: I am based in the Kansas City, MO area. If you would like for me to travel outside of a 1-hour radius from downtown Kansas City, MO, please include that information in your email request. 
    Drive time (and possibly hotel if the destination is far away) will be taken into consideration as part of the payment. 

Custom Portraits
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Custom Portraits

Working with individuals to bring a meaningful photograph or memory come to life in a unique, hand made drawing.


  • I provide TWO styles of drawing for my custom portraiture:

    • Style #1: a fun, "sketchy" illustration with intentional loose lines and marker streaks to emphasize the hand-drawn aspect. This style is not realistic, but fun with a lot of expressive personality!

    • Style #2: a more formal, professional portrait with smooth rendering, mimicking photo-realistic qualities. This style is takes more time to complete, but the details are exquisite!

  • Paper Sizes to choose from

    • 8 x 10  |  9 x 12  |  11 x 14  (inches)​

  • Average time to complete:

    • ​Style #1: 1 hour

    • Style #2: 4-10 hours, depending on the paper size and details.

  • Hourly rate: $50/hour​​


  • Send an inquiry email at and provide a clear, high-resolution image of the person(s) or animal that you would like to be drawn, the paper size you would like, and any other necessary details that would help me bring personality to this portrait.

  • We will connect via email and discuss the timeline of when the drawing will be completed, as well as the shipping address of where the original work will be sent.

  • The custom, signed drawing is then placed inside a plastic sleeve with a stiff cardboard backing and is shipped flat. *Prints can be purchased of the original drawing upon request for an additional fee.

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