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Blue Bike/Don't Wanna Miss a Thing - Original

Blue Bike/Don't Wanna Miss a Thing - Original

When I'm in-the-zone, focusing on a detailed drawing like this one, my brain will shut off and I enter my 'nothing' box. It's just me and the paper - my happy place - much like those who enjoy hitting the road on their bike for a ride. For this drawing, that's how the piece proceeded. I had a reference photo of a bike that I loved, that showed all the nitty-gritty details of the machine, and I started drawing with my pencils and thick paper.


Once the drawing portion was complete, I outlined the entire bike with various black pen sizes. Shortly thereafter, I started to add the markers. Various greys and the occasional blue and orange are layered multiple times to make up this image. To top it all off, I added a little bit of colored pencils to create smoother blends and finish the piece. 


Add this stunningly detailed one-of-a-kind drawing to any wall and it's sure to turn heads and draw people in to take a closer look! 

  • Product Details

    Title: Blue Bike/Don't Wanna Miss a Thing

    Year created: 2021

    Medium: Copic Markers, Pens, and Colored Pencils on Paper


    Dimensions of art: 14 x 18 inches (L x H)

    Dimensions of frame: 19 x 23 x 0.75 inches (L x H x D)

    Approximate weight: 2.5 lb.

    How the art is displayed: Wire hanging method

$590.00 Regular Price
$295.00Sale Price
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