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Daisy - Original

Daisy - Original

SKU: 68165

The creation of “Daisy” was inspired by the flower itself and my sister, who has bright curly red hair. In making this composition, I wanted those two elements alone to be the focus, with the rest being secondary in attention. That is why her head is turned to the side and her eyes are looking down. Also, to emphasize the daises even more, her eyelashes are actually exaggerated daisy petals.

Due to her hair being bright red-orange, the paper I chose was green, red’s complimentary color. This makes the red stand out even more. Also, keeping her attire simple, I chose to use flat black acrylic ink for her long-sleeve shirt, not feeling that it was important to properly render the shirt itself.

That being said, the meaning of this piece is not to realistically render an entire portrait of a real person, but to capture the essence of someone I know (my sister) and the beauty I see within her in a stylized way. Notice too how the daisies are all flat. They aren’t bent or shaped naturally along her hair, they’re stylistically two-dimensional, scattered along her curls likes stars scattered in the night sky.


"Daisy" was drawn with colored pencils and Black acrylic ink on 187 lb. Canson Olive Green Colorline paper, completed in December 2022.

  • Product Details

    Title: Daisy

    Year created: 2022

    Medium: Colored pencils and black acrylic ink on paper


    Dimensions of art: 19 x 25 inches (L x W)

    Dimensions of frame: 25 x 31 x 0.75 inches (L x W x D)

    Approximate weight: 4 lb.

    How the art is displayed: Wire hanging method

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