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Gemstone no. 5 - Fine Art Print

Gemstone no. 5 - Fine Art Print

Introducing my fifth gemstone drawing, "Gemstone no. 5," in my 35-piece gemstone collection.


For this particular stone, I wanted to try a simple square princess shape with a range of green and blue-green colors, dark Prussian blue, and a little bit of tan shining through for extra details. With the colors included in this stone, it would pair well with grey, tan, or even white walls. Hang this stone alongside others within this collection, or simply place it alone in a hallway, office, bathroom, or give it as a gift!

  • Product Details

    Title: Gemstone no. 5

    Year created: 2019

    Medium: Copic markers and Prismacolor colored pencils 90 lb. paper


    Dimensions of the original drawing: 9 x 12 inches (L x W)

    Print sizes available: 8 x 10 | 9 x 12 | 11 x 14 | 12 x 16 inches (L x W)

    Approximate weight: 0.25 lb.

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