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Glowing Orchids - Original

Glowing Orchids - Original

SKU: 68151

"Glowing Orchids” was inspired (literally) by the beautiful colors of the orchid flower. Similar to my work “Daisy,” the primary focus of this portrait isn’t actually on the woman at all, but she certainly plays a role and competes for attention with the orchid flowers. By having her hand reach up to her neck, the vertical position on her arm leads the viewer’s eyes directly up to her face, which is hidden by the dramatic shadow-lines of the flowers.

You can’t see her nose or mouth. Her hair is neatly tucked behind her back. She’s wearing a plain black shirt, and the only thing you can see about her face is her ear, hidden behind by her double-hooped gold earring. All of these design choices were intentional. The flowers are what represents her beauty, and they’re glowing, emphasized.


"Glowing Orchids" was drawn with colored pencils and Black acrylic ink on 187 lb. Canson Light Blue Colorline paper, completed in July 2022.

  • Product Details

    Title: Glowing Orchids

    Year created: 2022

    Medium: Colored pencils and black acrylic ink on paper


    Dimensions of art: 19 x 25 inches (L x W)

    Dimensions of frame: 25 x 31 x 0.75 inches (L x W x D)

    Approximate weight: 4 lb.

    How the art is displayed: Wire hanging method

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