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Ode to Japanese-style Tattooing - Original

Ode to Japanese-style Tattooing - Original

As an artist, I appreciate many different styles and types of art;  and one of sources of inspiration that never ceases to intrigue me is the art of Japan. Whether it's their very particular style of watercolor landscape paiting, sumi-e ink paintings, calligraphy - or in this case - tattooing, there's something frofoundly beautiful and simple about traditional Japanese art.


That being said, this piece was inspired from traditional Japanese tattoos, the mixture of manicured greyscale waves curling and crashing behind vibrant pops of flowers and butterflies sprinkled on each of the tree 'panels.' Small elements carry on outside of the boundaries of each panel, making each one distinct in design, but part of a cohesive whole across this large 18 x 24 inch drawing.


This piece is UNFRAMED, so you can matte and frame it to your liking! No matter how it's hung on your wall, this dramatic piece - full of detail and contrast - is sure to draw attention and commentary!

  • Product Details

    Title: Ode to Japanese-style Tattooing

    Year created: 2021

    Medium: Copic Markers and Pens on Paper


    Dimensions of art: 18 x 24 inches (L x H)

    Approximate weight: 0.5 lb.

    How the art will be shipped: rolled in a non-bend tube

$350.00 Regular Price
$175.00Sale Price
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